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Your Next Marketplace Development Heroes

If you’ve ever wondered how to build a web marketplace, we’re glad to inform you that there are various platforms that can help you build one quickly.


Sharetribe offers a tool that can help you create your own marketplace. Sharetribe is one of the places that you may want to explore when looking for an opportunity of building your own marketplace.

Sharetribe is a marketplace platform that supports all types of marketplaces, provides a built-in payment system, includes tools for generating, categorizing, and filtering content, allows custom branding, works perfectly on mobile devices, includes an advanced payment system that supports 25+ currencies and 190+ countries. It’s super quick to set up a marketplace in a matter of minutes, no developers needed, and simple to customize.
Sharetribe offers two versions: one paid and one free. In the paid version, the platform is developed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) which means that you can create your own marketplace quick and easy without the need of a developer. In the free version, you can use the open-source version which is available for download on GitHub.
It’s completely free, you have endless possibilities to add additional functionality. 

Some of the marketplaces hosted on Sharetribe Platform-Studiotime – The largest online community to rent music studios
Hattori- Pre-owned wedding dresses and accessories
The Quiver- Peer-to-peer surfboard rentals
If you want to bring your idea to life than our Squad is there to make it possible. Contact us at hello@marketplacesquad.com

Source- https://www.sharetribe.com/


“Cocorico”, the world’s first solution solely dedicated to the development of service marketplaces. Cocorico is an open-source solution that is recognized and used all around the world by a large community of developers, making it the first choice of many large startups seeking specialized features for their platforms.

Leading the way to next-generation marketplaces. Cocorico is Customizable, Robust and Scalable. Cocorico has all the features to optimize rental and service-based transactions between users, amongst which escrowing, availability management and user ratings.

Cocorico is a very powerful solution for in-service and rental marketplaces, such as Airbnb, Blablacar, or Drivy. With Cocorico you get quite a few more advanced features than you could expect from the big players’ marketplaces, such as a fully integrated and functional calendar, advanced yield management rules, handling of third-party payments and deferred payments, cancellation management, individually customizable commissions for buyers and sellers, and much more. You can use the open-source version available for download on GitHub-
Cocorico is written in PHP (Symfony 2) and licensed under the MIT license.

Some of the marketplaces hosted on Cocorico Platform-
IZIWIK- A Collaborative Real Estate Marketplace
DOG VACANCES- Animal Care Marketplace
THE HAIRCUT- At-Home Barber Marketplace
To build a marketplace as per your needs then contact us hello@marketplacesquad.com Source- https://www.cocolabs.io/


BlackBell is a SaaS platform that integrates all processes to sell services.

BlackBell not only tackles the online booking aspect of the sale of a service but everything required to run a service business, from A to Z: Visual content builder, Services management, Calendars, Online payment, Coupons, Sell via local marketplaces, Website and App, Translation editor, Reviews, Quotes, Customer database, Email campaign manager, Live chat, Orders manager, Workflows, Reporting. With Blackbell Connect, they offer the ability to create marketplaces of services online. They facilitate all transactions (including commissions) between the marketplace owner and the services providers via their respective Blackbell accounts. Blackbell is an all-in-one software platform for taking orders, managing calendars, accepting payments, organizing service delivery, and promoting your offers.
It’s a wonderful platform with powerful tools for collecting payments, chatting with users, accepting reviews, and more.

Find the best ways to sell your services,  contact us hello@marketplacesquad.com


Your next marketplace development heros. Marketplacesquad is a company that offers solutions to startups who want to build their online marketplaces.
The aim is to help startups & budding entrepreneurs by providing a complete marketplace development support for their awesome online marketplace idea.
We’re sharing economy lovers and incredibly passionate about building the next generation on-demand economy & marketplace platforms.
Create your supercharged sharing economy marketplace development with MarketplaceSquad, contact us hello@marketplacesquad.com

Source- https://www.marketplacesquad.com


Arcadier is an emerging MaaS (Marketplace-as-a-Service) enterprise with bold ambitions to become universally known in challenging the status quo. We build white label solutions through subscription-based web applications, and we serve as the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) technology provider for marketplaces of all sizes to everyone. The platform is customizable, simple to use, no developers needed, and only needs a few minutes to set up.

With Arcadier’s off-the-shelf DIY platform and its powerful inbuilt features and integrations, anyone can buy, sell, trade or rent any goods, space or services. The Easy Way to Build a Marketplace for Products, Space or Services. With Arcadier, you can build a marketplace for some of the following purposes: Photography, Pet walking, Space rental, Tailor service, Peer-to-peer, Retail goods, Canoe rental, and Many more. Various features include a Powerful search bar, Private marketplace, Ratings and reviews, Customizable Home Page Panels, A special negotiating tool for users to request a price, Multiple languages, Analytics, Responsiveness, SEO support, Sell on your own marketplace, Live chat for sellers, Custom Codes Editor.

It has a special feature Multiple Payment Gateways -By default, Stripe and Omise are included with Arcadier. All you have to do is link your account. If none of these work in your country, you do have the option to add a completely different payment gateway as long as you disable the default ones.

Some of the marketplaces hosted on Arcadier Platform-SnapSquad- 
On-Demand Photographers
Bakers first- Peer-To-Peer Homebakers
If anyone can build a marketplace then you can also, contact us hello@marketplacesquad.com

Source- https://www.arcadier.com/


Kreezalid is the solution made for all online marketplace projects. Simple and effective, it will allow you to give life to all your ideas from product selling to rentals. With Kreezalid, you can quickly bring your idea to life and test the viability of your concept.

Kreezalid gathers all the essential elements of a ready-to-sell marketplace like listings, search, payment, transaction tracking, dashboard. You will find all the features you need to drive your business.  You can go further if you need more customization by using our themes or our Apps that extend Kreezalid core functionalities. If needed, you can also build your own theme and your own Apps thanks to their API.

Some Benefits of the Kreezalid are reduced production time, reduced cost of development, quick and easy set-up, elegant and responsive design, modular and scalable.

Source- https://www.kreezalid.com/


Stelace is tested and implemented by developers for developers to create powerful marketplaces. API-first approach lets you build a future-proof marketplace by decoupling interface and marketplace key components such as matchmaking.

They eliminate needless complexity and extraneous details, to let you get up and grow your business with Stelace in a couple of minutes. You can use the open-source version available for download on GitHub-https://github.com/stelace/stelace
Want to run your own marketplace, contact us hello@marketplacesquad.com
Source- https://stelace.com/

Near Me

Near Me is a customizable marketplace solution powering the sharing economy. It is a white-label service that allows anybody to start their own customizable marketplace for sharing, trading, swapping or renting anything.

Global brands and Entrepreneurs now have a turnkey platform supported with go-to-market strategy and expert advice for creating peer-to-peer marketplaces. Marketplace owners are empowered to augment the sharing ecosystem with their own branded sites that allow users to share, trade, swap, resell or rent anything.
The mission is to create a premium marketplace that connects people and foster the exchange of knowledge, product, and services within communities.

Near Me offers you a myriad of securely hosted e-commerce tools such as a Powerful dashboard, Legendary support by phone or email, Account management, Your marketplace in any language, Built-in SEO.
Some of the marketplaces hosted on Near Me Platform-Spacer- The marketplace for space
FarmBackup- Marketplace for agricultural servicesVegvisits- Book overnight trips, extended vacations or kitchens per hour with vegan and vegetarian locals around the world!
Source- https://www.near-me.com/

Campus on Fire

Campus on Fire builds custom peer-to-peer marketplace startups, websites & apps connecting buyers to sellers. They do it well — and they do it fast.

They know from experience there are critical components that must be in place if you are to be successful and scale your marketplace. They build marketplaces using the latest trends in javascript. The experience feels natural, intuitive and since they use ‘no-refresh’ there are never any loading pages, they come up wicked fast. They also use Angular 2 to make UI and UX world-class.

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